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Dr. Burlingame-Lee is expanding her practice, and is moving to a new website. The posts on this blog will remain up while they are being moved over to the new website. You’re invited to go on over and explore – hope to see you there!

The Other Side of the Couch Blog is moving! Dr. Burlingame-Lee is expanding her practice and has developed a new web page. You can find her information and web page at: drlaurab-lee.weebly.com .

Looking forward to seeing you there!

So, I’ve been in a creative funk for a while now, and I’m just starting to come out of it. One of the first things I notice when I start feeling creative again is that I’m hungry for color and starved for texture. I found myself taking pictures of colors and textures, and these are the most interesting in my opinion:

It’s been a heckuva winter all around this year…the peeps in the Northeast and Midwest got *hammered* with snowfall, and out here in CO it’s been dry and brown for most of the time. We got some snow, but not nearly as much as our friends in the East. That said, I wish I was back there! I miss the East!

Even though I missed the snow, though, I’m ready for some spring flowers. I’ve been looking at the sprouts coming up, and can hardly wait to see the riotous colors of the tulips, the serene yellows and whites of the daffodils and the delicate loveliness of the lilacs and irises…spring flowers can’t come too soon, in my opinion! So, in the meantime, here are some of my photos from last year…hoping they’ll hold me (and you)over until this year’s blossoms peek out from behind their tight buds, waiting to bloom…

Spring (May) Lilacs

May Iris

Spring Tulips

Plum Blossoms I

Plum Blossoms II

Aidan climbing at Veteran's Park in Loveland, CO

Becca on the tire swing at Veteran's Park in Loveland, CO

We had a nice break in the weather here for a few days, so I took the kidlets to the park to play. It’s finally getting warm enough to go outside, and they seemed to really enjoy the play time! 🙂

As you know, we’ve been dealing with the flu here in Lovey-dovey-land, CO. We’re finally starting to feel better, so my daughter Becca and I decided to do a girl’s afternoon out. We started at Starbuck’s, where we had some coffee (me) and a “cake pop” (Becca). From there, we went to Macy’s, where Becca was lucky enough to get a “makeover” (a little lip gloss, eye shadow and blush) courtesy of the Estee Lauder counter – they’re wonderful people there! 🙂 She was quick to remind me that, “we girls have to moisturize, Mama” – my little girly-girl! (She picks up on this beauty stuff like a sponge – I don’t know where she gets it, because I hardly wear makeup at all!)

Don't forget to say the important things to the people you care about!

I’ve been reading a book by Patti Digh, called “What I wish for you” – newly released. It reminded me that it’s so important to tell the people we care about how we feel – they need to hear it and we need to say it. It’s never too late, and it’s always appropriate. So go ahead, and say it – it’s always worth it.

This is the cough medicine (right picture). This is my brain on that cough medicine (left picture). Yeah, it’s that much fun…

Tired me

Sorry to punt on the entry tonight…I think I’m coming down with the flu that everyone else has here. Lucky me…

Tamiflu - 3/5 of our family is on it right now...

The flu has hit our family hard this year…probably our fault because we didn’t get flu shots. :/ Anyway, most of us are on Tamiflu. Somehow I seem to be the only one who hasn’t gotten sick. Fingers crossed, folks – I can’t afford to get sick!

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