Ok, I haven’t been around for a while…things have been just NUTS in LauraLand. I’ve been working my usual part-time job (Nursery Supervisor at my church – can you say “underemployed”? ;p) I’ve also been applying for jobs and thinking about how to turn my dissertation into a readable article for publication – no easy task. (If anyone has any ideas on how to do this – please let me know!)

I’ve also been reading a lot and trying to get my creative life back on track – again, no easy task. I’m developing a healthy respect for artists and writers who talk about “creative block” –  I’m experiencing that myself. I keep feeling that I’m on the edge of a creative breakthrough, but I have no idea what that might actually look like! I’ve been challenging myself to keep drawing – and one friend gave me some “homework” – just create a collage and make it as bad as you can. Well, knowing me, I CAN’T try to make something bad…but I did have fun. It’s not perfect…but who cares? It was fun. I don’t have that one scanned yet – but here is a glimpse of another that I created:

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

So, I CAN do art when I’m not allowing my self-critic to rule the roost. I’m finding that, to allow my “inner artist” to come out, I need to have a few other needs met: space to work (hard in a townhouse with five people, two of them preschoolers), TIME to work (again, hard with a family – but I’m managing), and materials. I’m working on all of these, and sometimes it involves clearing off the kitchen table and letting everyone get messy with me.

Things have been a little tough lately; we have the flu taking up residence in our home. My oldest son, Matthew (19) and Aidan are both running high fevers, and Becca and Matt (Hubby) are running low grade ones. So far, I’m the only one who is healthy – and I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I have a trip to CT coming up here in a few weeks, and I really want to be well for that. I’m going to visit the shore (yeah, I know it’s March and is going to be cold – I don’t care!) and my 95-year old grandmother. I can’t wait, and am really looking forward to the R&R – especially since I get to go by myself and don’t have to worry about diapers, cranky children, cranky husband, or dealing with all the minutiae of a family vacation.

I’m hoping to bring a few art supplies with me, along with my camera, so I can allow my creative side a vacation too. What do you all think is a good “art kit” to pack that can be taken on a plane? Anyway – I’m very excited and am counting the days – 20 days until I leave!