This is a short essay I wrote for my church’s newsletter, the “Signal” :

Doing Love


                Love is not necessarily a feeling; love is doing. I heard this recently on a radio show, where a caller was confessing his love for his wife, who had endured his bouts of drinking and womanizing. He talked about how amazing she was – how beautiful, talented, smart – all the things we’d love to hear someone say about us. What struck me though, was that he said, “for her, love isn’t a feeling, love is doing.” He further explained that as the years had gone by, she had endured his lapses and worked hard to forgive him, and that they were now closer than they ever had been. He concluded, “love is the doing, the feelings are the gift that come from the doing.

                I’m not going to recommend that we ignore those incredible, earth-shattering, wonder-making feelings we call love – they are important in our lives, and help us understand the love that God has for us. In thinking of this recent Easter, though, I’m also thinking of how God, in sacrificing his Son for us, exemplified the idea that “love is doing.”

                We “do love” when we say a kind work to someone who is down, when we play with a child, when we sing in glory, when we appreciate the beauty around us, or when we work, knowing that someone else will benefit from our labors. We “do love” when we teach, parent, cook, clean, work and learn. And, as the caller on the radio show reminds us, we “do love” when we endure, and when we continue to hope even when hope seems to have abandoned us.  The message Christ taught us, I believe, is more about “doing love” than anything else. In His name, let’s  do love. 


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