Bury your face in some lilacs today - let go and be a kid again!

Bury your face in some lilacs today - let go and be a kid again!

Life is beautiful, wild, and unpredictable – if you let it be that way

Milkweed flowers smell very sweet

Red-wing blackbirds think they are royalty when sitting on fence posts

Even small lakes get whitecaps in the wind

You CAN get sunburned at 8:00 in the morning

People are much friendlier than I usually give them credit for being

My imagination is a wonderful thing – and great company, too!

Clouds look even whiter against a deep, cerulean blue sky

My children can be both incredibly wonderful and frustrating at the same time

Even pelicans are beautiful in the right light

Love – and loving someone with your whole heart – is an amazing thing

Nothing spoils a nature walk like seeing garbage in the grass or in the water

Ladybugs dance on yellow flowers in the sun

If you look close enough, the textures and colors around you are amazing

Moving my body helps me feel better – I feel like I “belong” outside

“White” flowers often have all the colors of the rainbow within them

When you love someone, it hurts to see them not take care of themselves

Fish swimming in a previously dead lake is a wonderful sight

Distance between people doesn’t necessarily depend on geography

Cattails make incredible music in the breeze

A clear blue sky can lift the most depressed mood

Burying your face in lilacs, roses, or other flowers makes you feel like a kid again

Robins are incredibly cocky little beasts

The mountains in Colorado are incredibly gorgeous – and I still love and miss the CT shore

The wind makes waves in the grass – it looks like an ocean of green

If you’re quiet and non-threatening, ducks won’t fly away because they’re curious about you

Frogs hang in the water when they’re resting

Life is good…

What I’ve been reading lately:

Creative Awakenings” by Sheri Gaynor, “Journal Bliss” by Violette, “Collage Journeys” by Jane Davies – all incredible books on bringing art, creativity, and awareness into our lives. GREAT food for the creative soul!