In one of the groups I follow (Creative Awakenings; we’ve had a challenge during the month of May to find something everyday to “bliss out” on. Today – my bliss is RAIN. Here in Colorado, rain is not as regular or as common as it is in the East or other areas of the country.

Now, I grew up in Ohio and live for my time in Connecticut – rain, moisture, GREEN, even humidity are all things I crave. So, today while we have some rain and cloudy, cool weather, I am BLISSING OUT! Breathing the cool, misty air is like being able to breathe the air from heaven itself. I feel replenished, whole and happy. It’s a little thing – but it’s the little things that count, right?

And, during this rainy day, there is NOTHING better than curling up with a hot cup of tea, my knitting and a good book, a warm quilt and a fuzzy little fur-butt on my legs while listening to my kids playing happily on the floor…ok, I can dream, right? Realistically, I might get the hot cup of tea and the cat on my lap (probably the 20-lb cow-cat) while my kids go hyper and fight about toys because they can’t go outside and play. The quilt is piled off into the corner, under a load of stuffed animals, toys, kiddos blankies and probably a sippy cup or two, and forget knitting or reading – too many interruptions.

But…the dream is nice and I know these days won’t last forever. So, even the sticky fingers on my face are a little bit of bliss by themselves. Even if my kids ARE arguing, Aidan is using language (which if you’re around and/or have an autistic child, you don’t take for granted) – another area of bliss.

Bottom line? Bliss is where you find it πŸ™‚ That said – tonight I’m going to “bliss out” on a homemade, Connecticut-style Hot Lobster Roll… MMMMMMMMM πŸ™‚