I currently living in Colorado. I earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Colorado State University in 2008, and I’m a mother of three wonderful children (2 boys  and 1 girl). My dream is to someday live in Connecticut, near the water.

Laura at Indian Cove, CT

Laura at Indian Cove, CT

My clinical and psychological interests are: Community Mental Health and Diversity issues, Borderline Personality Disorder and DBT (clinical specialty), and Recovery/Maintenance for those coping with chronic mental illnesses and/or dual diagnoses. I am also interested in how people cope with and recover from trauma and PTSD.

My personal interests are a little less academic! I am passionate about working for peace and diversity acceptance in our world. I am also a frustrated artist who dabbles in collage and knitting, and am hoping to find time and resources to learn to draw and paint. I read incessantly and at a furious pace, love to write, and enjoy meeting new people and chatting with friends, both new and old. I love to walk, swim, ride my bike, and be out in nature – being near the ocean is as close to being in paradise as I can imagine.

*Dr. Burlingame-Lee is available for engagements in motivational speaking, and workshops such “The Power of Each Other,” “Coping with Tough Times,” and “Bringing Art and Creativity into Your Real, Everyday Life” * Please contact me at: theothersideofthecouch@live.com or at (970) 776-6043.