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Things that keep you humble and knowing your place in life…

Hearing your daughter tell you, “When I’m a big mama, I want to chew gum, drink Diet Coke, and have a big butt!” or “Mama, when I’m a mommy can I have a big butt too?” (Is there a theme going on here, or what? )

Or how about realizing that blowing “razzies” on your two-year old son’s belly leads to embarrassing moments like these: (In the grocery store check out line, said son lifts his shirt and yells at the top of his little lungs) “Blow me, Mommy!” (Yeah, that’s a “sink-through-the-floor moment…) Said son is now 19, and running “Captain Obvious’ Chunks of Wisdom” – yes, he did survive that one!

Or here’s one to keep your hubbies humble: Hearing your 4 year old autistic son (who is fascinated the red and orange balls on the power lines to warn planes) repeat over and over “I see the red balls!” Getting tired of this, said older son and Mommy try to teach him something new, not realizing how this will backfire on them: “Aidan, can you say pink balls?” (thinking ANYTHING but red balls red balls red balls….) Aidan: “I see Daddy’s pink balls!”
Meanwhile hubby about chokes and runs off the road, hearing that. Luckily…we were not around other people. Somehow I don’t think that one would go down too well with his comrades at the local police department!

And yes…somehow we manage to survive our kids…I think.

More things that just feel really good:

-Making a GOOD Hot Lobster Roll, Connecticut-style – in Colorado! (Yeah, it’s on both lists – it’s THAT good! ;p )
-One ice-cold beer to go with that hot lobster roll!
-Soft kitty-cat cuddles complete with purr and kneading
-The smell of little kids’ hair right after their bath (even if my daughter’s DOES smell like wet dog…)
-Feeling small little warm bodies curl up around you and on you as you watch Tinkerbell for about the 25th time in 7 days – knowing that these moments won’t come again
-Watching these little blurs of energy run and play in the park – and wondering where the heck MY energy went!
-A hot cup of coffee and time to write and process after doing hard therapy work
-Having hope that somehow, some way this will all come together
-Writing poetry that you know will be appreciated and understood
-Having someone listen to your worries and your plans, your hopes and your dreams, and knowing they’ll be there for you.
-Learning more about yourself – and growing (and to keep me humble: Learning that there’s a LONG way to go! ;p )
-Curling up with a really good book, knowing you have time to really get into it without interruption.

Any more?

The smell of rain on a cool cloudy day

Cool cloudy days!

The taste of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate when you’re having a bad day

Cuddling up in a warm, soft blanky while a cool night breeze washes over your face and arms

A hot shower when you’re feeling really down – water therapy is the best

A gentle, tingly back scratch – nails lightly running over bare skin…mmmmmm, heaven!

A warm, deep foot, back, and neck massage…ahhhh

Feeling exhilaration after you’ve just done a good workout

That first sip of hot coffee in the morning

The mix of herbs in a relaxation tea…chamomile, catnip, lavendar, licorice

Watching your plants on the front porch grow – when you usually have a black thumb

Watching your children grow, in spite of you!

Feeling the sticky, moistness of humidity when you’re used to the dryness of the desert

Smelling a dandelion given to you by your child and realizing that you’ve gotten yellow pollen all over your nose – just like you did when you were five years old

Listening to thunder and watching lightening – amazing!

Making and eating a Connecticut-style hot lobster roll – in Colorado

Noticing the differences in scent between the flowers of the lilac, quince, wisteria, and all the myriad of “weeds” that are around

Listening to the birds, and realizing that so many more sounds means that the babies have hatched – life is new, wild, and sweet

Feeling the sun on your face during a walk, stretching out your arms and shutting your eyes, and just soaking it in

Being loved and knowing that you’re loved

Getting to spend time on being creative – blog posts, artwork, journaling – oh my!

Watching childhood movie favorites with your children – The Wizard of Oz is STILL magic!

Going to your five-year old’s first “graduation” – a “stepping up ceremony” to kindergarten and realizing that he really IS making strides and growing, even with the autism.

Being proud of your children for being great human beings and being so loving

Hearing your 3-year old daughter tell you, “You’re my best friend, Mommy” (and laughing when you hear her tell that to her brothers, her father, her friends at church, her brother’s classmates at school…)

Loving life, even when it’s uncertain and unknown…and having faith that it will get better and better

Aidan walks on water

Aidan walks on water

Bliss is knowing that your ex-husband did the right thing and paid the last of the owed child-support even though he threatened not to, thus saving me from having to go through the added hassle and expense of an enforcement order.

Bliss is also having your autistic 5-year old start to figure out that it really IS a good thing to use the potty, thus saving Mama from many, many stinky moments.

Bliss is having your husband take over kiddo-duty so Mama can actually write a little on her blog!!

In one of the groups I follow (Creative Awakenings; we’ve had a challenge during the month of May to find something everyday to “bliss out” on. Today – my bliss is RAIN. Here in Colorado, rain is not as regular or as common as it is in the East or other areas of the country.

Now, I grew up in Ohio and live for my time in Connecticut – rain, moisture, GREEN, even humidity are all things I crave. So, today while we have some rain and cloudy, cool weather, I am BLISSING OUT! Breathing the cool, misty air is like being able to breathe the air from heaven itself. I feel replenished, whole and happy. It’s a little thing – but it’s the little things that count, right?

And, during this rainy day, there is NOTHING better than curling up with a hot cup of tea, my knitting and a good book, a warm quilt and a fuzzy little fur-butt on my legs while listening to my kids playing happily on the floor…ok, I can dream, right? Realistically, I might get the hot cup of tea and the cat on my lap (probably the 20-lb cow-cat) while my kids go hyper and fight about toys because they can’t go outside and play. The quilt is piled off into the corner, under a load of stuffed animals, toys, kiddos blankies and probably a sippy cup or two, and forget knitting or reading – too many interruptions.

But…the dream is nice and I know these days won’t last forever. So, even the sticky fingers on my face are a little bit of bliss by themselves. Even if my kids ARE arguing, Aidan is using language (which if you’re around and/or have an autistic child, you don’t take for granted) – another area of bliss.

Bottom line? Bliss is where you find it 🙂 That said – tonight I’m going to “bliss out” on a homemade, Connecticut-style Hot Lobster Roll… MMMMMMMMM 🙂

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